Friday, October 30, 2009

Something to "crow" about!

I took advantage of the warm few days we've had, (it's 78 degrees outside right now!) and I decided to paint our front door a nice black (Behr Forever Black) before I put the new "welcome" sign on it that I won from Wight House Gifts. I LOVE it!!

Then I added a few crows (Dollar Store) to my wreath.....even though they are kinda creepy. But, hey, it's that time of year!

And, it looks like this little scarecrow can't seem to keep crows away either!

Happy October!!


Tracy said...

Looks beautiful! Very warm and inviting. I've been admiring those "welcome" signs on doors throughout blogland. (How awesome you won that!)

Freddae' said...

I love the 'welcome' on your door. I might have to steal that idea. ;-p